DPW Checklists

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The reasons for this check list are:
1. To guide the designer with developing ESC design drawings for small disturbance projects,
DOT maintenance projects or utility projects.
2. To guide the City Project Manager’s in their QA/QC review of design drawings.
3. To guide the DPW staff in their regulatory review.

1 CPM As-built Plan Checklist 9-23-2020

2 CPM Modified Plan

3 CPM Final Plan

4 CPM ESC Only

5 CPM SDP Plan

6 CPM Concept Plan

7 Interim Response Submittal

8 Waiver Request

9 As-built Submittal

10 PRI-1009.1 Modified Submittal

11 PRI-1007.1 Final Phase Submittal

12 SDP Phase Submittal

13 OCR-PRI-1003.1 ESD to MEP

14 Concept Phase Submittal

15 ESC Only


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