Bonded Drain Layer Process

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A Bonded Drain Layer is a Utilities Contractor who has been prequalified to construct mainline Sanitary Sewers, Water mains, large water services, Storm Water Drains, or Private Clear water Drains by virtue of Article 26, Sections 15 and 16 of the 1983 Replacement Volume of the Baltimore City code (1976 Edition) for private parties which the city of Baltimore may or may not take over at a later date.


  1. An application letter to become a Bonded Drain Layer must be submitted to the Water and Waste Water Bureau Head with attention to Mr. Richard A. Banks.The letter is to have the following data:2. Name address and telephone number of applicant.(Individual or company) .
  2. Resume’ of individual or all company officers and construction supervisors.
  3. List of Construction Equipment ( make, model, age, etc.).
  4. List of Mainline Sanitary Sewer, Water and/or Storm Water Drain Construction completed by the applicant in the past 5 years and/or presently under construction.This listing shall include:
  5. Name, address and telephone number of the owner or prime contractor.
  • Name and Location of Project
  • Specific Type of Work Performed
  • Contract Amount
  • Date Completed
  • Name and Telephone Number of Governmental Inspector and the Inspection Agency.
    Note: A sample of the submittal is available upon request (See Exhibit A

Upon receipt of the application calls are place to at least 3 of the governmental inspectors to verify that the work listed above was completed in accordance with the plans and specifications of the project and to verify the knowledge of construction practices, required and the quality of the work. Check with Utility Maintenance Division to see if they have any complaints or any objections to the applicant becoming a “Bonded Drain Layer”.

If the applicant is found acceptable under Procedure Step B, the “Single Bond for Drain Layers” is forwarded to the applicant for execution by the applicant and his bonding agent in an execution package which includes:

  1. A Transmittal Sheet (Exhibit B)
  2. A Sample Bond (Exhibit C)
  3. An Instruction Sheet (Exhibit D)

Three (3) copies of the “Single Bond for Drain Layer” form (Exhibit E)

Upon receipt of the three (3) copies of the “Single Bond for Drain Layer” forms, each, executed with original signatures by the applicant and the agent for the bonding company together with the Power of Attorney attached to each bond form and required seals in place, the bond forms shall be forwarded for the city official signatures for total execution.

  1. Chief, City Solicitor must approve the bonds for Legal Sufficiency.
  2. The Chief, Division of Utility Engineering Initials are placed at the signature line for the Head, Bureau of Water and Wastewater.
  3. The Head of The Bureau of Water and Wastewater signs the bond forms and the transmittal memo to the Director or Public Works.  (See Exhibit F)
  4. Chief, Division of Highways signs the “ Bond” forms.
  5. Head, the Department of Transportation signs the “Bond” forms.\
  6. Director of the Division of Construction and Building Inspection signs the “Bond” forms.
  7. Director of Public Works signs the “ Bond” forms.
  8. Prepare Transmittal Memo (Exhibit G) Comptroller’s and Mayor’s signatures.
  9. Upon receipt of all three (3) copies of the executed bond forms file two (2) copies and forward the third to the Bonded Drain Layer
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